Create a log from scratch

You can create a log from scratch by using a window (see Figure 1) to enter the log data after selecting the Add Bed option from the Edit menu
; alternatively click Add Bed on the toolbar. The Edit menu can also invoked by clicking the right mouse button. The dialog box enables the user to specify a bed's properties. The only data required for every bed is its thickness, and as much or as little other information as is required can be entered initially: all data pertaining to a bed can be edited subsequently. On the input window a series of drop-down menus provide options for recording information about the bed.

(a) Lithology, including the option of recording the proportions of up to three different lithologies for a single bed; by default the first lithology entered is 100%; a set of patterns are provided for the most common lithologies and are displayed in the drop-down menu.
(b) Type of basal contact, gradational, sharp or erosional.
(c) The grain size at the base and at the top of the bed (the basal grain size is assumed for the whole bed unless a size is entered for the top): the menu provides name descriptors such as 'coarse sand', 'medium-fine sand' etc, but the program also records the equivalent phi scale value. On the graphic log these are displayed using a scale with increasing grain size towards the right.
(d) Sedimentary structures 'within the bed': a variety of symbols is available to represent the commonest structures (trough cross bedding, symmetrical ripples and so on) and can be displayed as single symbols or as tiled symbols filling the grain size 'curve'. The lithology patterns can also be inserted into the grain size column to create the merged lithology/grain-size arrangement which is also commonly used.
(e) Symbols 'beside the bed': sedimentary structures, fossils and bioturbation features can all be displayed, either singly or in combinations in a column.
(f) A 'Notes' column allows for text of numerical information to be entered

Figure 1. Adding a new bed

Once a bed has been created it can be modified using the properties window (Figure 2) after selecting the Bed Properties option from the Edit menu alternatively click Bed Properties on the toolbar or double click the left mouse button on the selected bed.

Figure 2. Change or view a bed's properties

Beds can be deleted, copied or inserted into specific parts of the log table using the menu options. To delete a selected bed click Delete Bed in the Edit menu; alternatively click Delete Bed   on the toolbar. To insert a new bed into a specific part of the log click Insert Bed Under Selected Bed in the Edit menu; alternatively click Insert Bed Under Selected Bed   on the toolbar.

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